Marketing Meets is a community of marketing professionals.

We meet monthly in a relaxed social setting to learn about the latest marketing challenges and discuss successful ways of tackling them.

It is not your typical networking event, but more an informal meet-up. We are a community of marketing professionals and our focus is about supporting one another.  

Our events are open to all levels of experience. For marketers to connect with people, to inspire, guide, coach, and mentor. It’s the perfect opportunity for raising profile, whilst steering the development of the industry. 

Who am I?

I am Elizabeth Bhandari and I have worked in marketing within the professional services industry for over 12 years. I created Marketing Meets in March 2018 and at the time I hadn’t seen anything that was specifically for marketers. Or where I had, it was for senior professionals only. I wanted to build a community of marketers from different industries and backgrounds, and look at ways of sharing ideas and insight.

I’ve always been lucky to work in a marketing department where I can ask a fellow colleague a question, or bounce ideas around with. But that isn’t a resource every marketers has. Also, sometimes you want to hear how other industries operate, what works for them, what doesn’t, or how they would tackle the problem you are facing.

What can you expect from Marketing Meets?

I’ve been hosting meet-ups with a great group of marketers from various backgrounds and at different stages of their career. As a group we meet monthly over drinks, in an informal environment.

I have ambitious plans for the group and hope to host quarterly roundtable discussions around topics that will inspire or educate members.

Want to join our community?

Come along to one of our events and see what we’re all about.